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Namrata Jaykrishna Initiator - "EYES4U"

Initiator EYES4U

Namrata Jaykrishna is a young, dynamic and self-motivated teenager who believes in making this world a better place to live. She has been an active member in the school Charity Groups and is the 'Initiator' of the "EYES4U" foundation. With an intention to contribute by making a difference to the underprivileged sections of the society; she has organized several eye-camps in and around Ahmedabad city with a intention to help them see the world better and clearer.

Namrata who is currently pursuing her junior year at Ahmedabad International School, Ahmedabad, is a recipient of the Distinction Award from University of Cambridge, IGCSE Board Examination for overall academic excellence in the 10th Grade. She is actively involved in Model United Nations and has been a part of the MIT MUN.

Namrata is an avid reader and writer. She has been following her passion for writing by contributing articles and stories on teenage, education and socially relevant issues to the Student's Edition of leading publications like Times of India. Apart from this, her enthusiastic narration of her experiences on the field of football in the Indian edition of the famous Chicken Soup series: "The Chicken Soup for the Indian Teenage Soul" has garnered her loads of praises and applause. Namrata's writing stint though being naive and subtle, yet it still holds a great future on the basis of the effective creative writing course that she attended at the famous Columbia University, New York. She is presently working on compiling a coffee table book on the Young Achievers of Gujarat.

She has enthusiastically participated in several debates, compeered for shows, and recently was the winner in the west zone of "QUIZITALIA" 2011. Even in the sporting arena, she has captained the U -15 Gujarat state girls' soccer team, which is another feather in her cap. She enjoys swimming, skiing, trekking, river rafting, bungee jumping and is a certified scuba diver.

Our Mission

India has been progressing wonderfully in a lot of ways. To add to this movement I want to contribute by launching "EYES4U".

Millions of people – in India - are disabled or disadvantaged because they don't have glasses. This is an astonishing figure - especially when it is so easy to take eye care and glasses for granted in developed countries.

If you are a glasses wearer, have you ever considered yourself to be 'disabled' because you haven't got glasses? Were you excluded from school because you couldn't see well enough to read the black or white board? Were you unable to provide for your family because you couldn't see an optician?

"EYES4U" aims to transform access to eye care services in India by providing services that will enable everyone, even the poorest, to access glasses. Our work aims to send children back to school, enables mothers and fathers to provide for their families and gives thousands of people the ability to live life with dignity through the power of good sight.

"EYES4U" is started to provide those who are less fortunate with spectacles, so they can see the world clearly again. I need your help in reaching out to more people. If you have spare spectacles, sunglasses, or frames that are not being used and are in a decent condition, please send them to us.

The Journey with a difference....

For the young and bubbly Namrata, it was a causal visit to a Municipal School at Bhat Village, along with her Grandmother who has been supporting to develop the schooling and education for children of the local community. Namrata found a sense of joy and fulfillment when she met the kids at the school and she took on spending one hour a week with these kids to share stories with morals, playing new games with them and experienced the warmth these kids had for her. Soon, the kids were eagerly waiting for her forthcoming visits.

On one of such visits, she met an 11 years old boy with tears in his eyes and Namrata compassionately asked him why are you crying? His Teacher then explained her that the boy was not crying but due to specific medical condition of his eye it keeps watering and it is affecting his eye sight and the condition is continually deteriorating. He being a brilliant student is unable to perform well due to his poor sight. She found out that he was the son of the maid who was working in their household.

Namrata was moved by the plight of the young kid and after getting back home, with the support of her mother and her grandmother asked the maid as to why she was not getting her son's eye checked up? She was dumbfounded when the maid shared her plight of being the sole bread winner managing a drunkard husband and 3 kids and helplessness about no time and money to go to a doctor. The maid was completely resigned to her fate and there was no hope.

The Turning Point....

The cruelty of life and this incident dawned on her and Namrata got the purpose and a cause to make a difference by making a contribution rather than being resigned to the fate of things. She started the research on this on the Internet, by visiting to the schools to do a survey, speaking to various doctors, friends & families and resolved all the possible queries that came in her mind.

The First Steps....

Determined to make a real difference, Namrata got all the employees working in the household get theirs and their family's eye check up done. Ensured that the treatments are done properly and the required eye glasses were gotten done. When she helped 6 kids to get their eye sights backs, her joy had no boundaries. While the kids got their eye sights, Namrata got her vision for life. She realized it very early that despite the fact that numerous the free eye check up camps get organized, the real bottleneck was the cost of treatment and prescription glasses. She learnt that a majority of kids and people in the underdeveloped countries couldn't afford cost of eye treatment and glasses.

She came back to her family with her thoughts and shared the idea what if she arranged to collect the unused, unwanted spectacle frames starting from friends & their families and then get the free eye check up camps done at schools for these kids. The family and friends thought it was a brilliant idea and extended their whole hearted support for this novel and noble cause. Namrata approached Lawrence & Mayo and the doctors with this proposal. They were moved with this initiative and jumped into the bandwagon readily and offering to give prescription glasses for a nominal cost using the frames that she would be collecting.

The Initiative - “EYES4U”....

This was the foundation stone for the initiative called "EYES4U". Namrata wrote an introductory mail to everyone in her friends and families……sharing her intend and purpose of what "EYES4U" stand for and how they have an opportunity to contribute in various means and ways to serve the whole intent.

She was overwhelmed by the kindness and response of her friends and families …and in less than 10 days had collected 200 frames to her amazement. She was ready for the first eye camp through "EYES4U". With the support of local NGO's and Municipal Schools, EYES4U's maiden eye camp was organized at MAKARBA PRIMARY SCHOOL with 200 school kids undergoing the eye check up camp. 10 school kids were found to have eye problems and they were thoroughly investigated by eye doctors and another 15 school kids were given prescription glasses by the generous support and contribution by Lawrence & Mayo.EYES4U had their second eye camp at –JUHAPURA at SARJAN SCHOOL for underprivileged where kids and their parents were checked and treated. Namrata aims to hold many more such eye camps and make the world a brighter and clearer place for the needy!!

The Next Step....

Buoyed by the success and that difference "EYES4U" initiative could make in its maiden venture, Namrata is gauzing the potential difference this initiative can make on this planet. She is chartering the next course for EYES4U by recently establishing contact with YUVA – Unstoppable, who is more than eager to support her and her initiative...