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Acknowledgement Letters

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Behind the Scene: The partners who perform the magic…

  A special mention and acknowledgement to the Lawrence & Mayo’s Ahmedabad Team – The relentless & real crusaders at the back end in this project. This team took very special care by stepping in for every eye-camp with a smile and ensured that proper care is taken while recycling each & every eye glass frame received by them; with a sole motive that it is this effort that will add another pair of eyes into this world which can see this beautiful planet and its wonderful inhabitants.  

Needless to say, this Institution’s vision and mission clearly states their objective and their overwhelming support to the EYES4U’s initiative clearly speaks a lot about their commitment to it. The team’s humbleness in deploying every possible resource at their end to serve the community at large states a lot about their character and willingness to make a difference at the grass root level.


Dr.  Dipen Desai is a renowned Ophthalmologist from Ahmedabad, but what makes him different in his profession is his commitment to serve the mankind, with his possible means. A true believer in ‘making a most of his life’ is to contribute to as many human beings as possible with a vision for themselves, their future and their families. His experience, guidance, attention & care are the pillar of strength for EYES4U initiative’s success, thereby making a larger impact on various strata’s of our society.